10 Tips to Check If Your Martial Arts Academy Is Ready to Grow

1. You have a leadership team.

- The process is documented, and

- students understand why they are in the team… and the effect they are having.

Score out of 10 -

2. Someone does the administration for you (A volunteer will do for a small school).

- you may have the time to do this, but imagine if you put the time into increasing the quality of the school and not keeping up with the admin side. Remember that the really successful operators concentrate on the things they are good at and delegate all others.

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3. You have a clearly documented career path for instructors.

This means a written document showing position description, duties, income potential, career training, and anything else that is necessary to keep an instructor totally focussed on his/her career.

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4. Your time is organised.

Here is how you start:

- Meetings

- Classes taken by you and your instructors

- Weekly marketing time.

- Weekly or monthly time that you educate yourself in terms of career, business, industry trends, management, leadership and anything else you want to improve about yourself.

One hint – put the important things in first.

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5. You have clear documented goals.

These include but are not limited to:

- Finances

- School performance

- Student quality

- Fun

- Career

No more information here… it’s up to you to start thinking and then giving these dreams shape.

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6. You know how to read the numbers.

This means that you have broken down the results of all areas of the business into numbers, commonly called KPI’s. (Key Performance Indicators)

Send me an email if you need help with this. It is IMPORTANT.

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7. You are progressively systemising everything.

If you want to rely on your business to produce the same high level of quality every time, regardless of who delivers the service, the process must be systemised.

And here is a great quote in case you are worrying about losing the personal feel:

“Systemise the process, personalise the exception”.

Score out of 10 -

8. Your intention is to make your students heroes.

To do this you will need to make your instructors superheroes. The reason for this is that the spotlight should be on your instructors, not you. Do everything you can to allow your instructors to step up… and be recognised for it.

Score out of 10 -

9. You are physically training yourself.

You are a student first and a teacher second.

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10. You are accountable to someone.

It doesn’t have to be someone in the martial arts industry. It can be anybody. Just someone who is going to ask if you kept your promises… things you said you were going to do.

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